MSD Lawrence Township

Early Learning Centers
A Place of Everyday Wonder



The Early Learning Centers provide strong foundations for every child’s intellectual, socio-emotional, and physical development.

The Early Learning Centers uphold the mission of the MSD of Lawrence Township to empower all students with the knowledge, skills, compassion, and integrity needed to contribute and succeed as self-directed, lifelong learners in a competitive global community. All Early Learning Centers embrace integrity, achievement, and service for all.

We Believe:

  • people are responsible for their choices.
  • an environment of high expectations results in higher achievement.
  • great communities are built on mutual respect and dignity for all people.
  • integrity is essential to creating and sustaining positive relationships.
  • embracing diversity contributes to the strength of a community.
  • the pursuit of learning as a life-long endeavor is essential to individual and organizational success.
  • cooperation, collaboration and communication are essential to success.