* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Erin Sughrue (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant: - Lakeisha Branigan (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant - Emerald Mason (Contact Me)
Nurse - Cathy Rowe (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Debbie Tomilson (Contact Me)
Cafeteria Manager - Cindi Jones (Contact Me)
Before and After Care - Ebony Tucker (Contact Me)

Preschool of the Arts

Melanie Abrahams (Contact Me)
Mary Easley (Contact Me)
Angela Dyer (Contact Me)
Rachael Nesbitt (Contact Me)
Michele Patton (Contact Me)
Marcia Riley (Contact Me)
Shannon Smith (Contact Me)


Suzanne Bowser * (Contact Me)
Stephanie Burt (Contact Me)
Carioca Jones (Contact Me)
Jennifer Cooper (Contact Me)
Brittney Gilbert (Contact Me)
Theresa Haler (Contact Me)
Breanna Love (Contact Me)
Kristy Scott (Contact Me)
Vicky Westlake (Contact Me)

Special Areas

Studio Leader - Mary Fulner (Contact Me)
Studio Leader - Tina Hauk (Contact Me)

School Resource Staff

Resource - Maryann Myers (Contact Me)
Resource - Toni Young (Contact Me)
Student Support Specialist - Karissa Dienes (Contact Me)
Kindergarten Lifeskills Teacher - Cindy Hill (Contact Me)
Speech Language Pathologist - Kacie Linehan (Contact Me)