* Denotes eCoach
D3 Denotes D3 Team Lead

Office Staff

Principal - Erika Radford (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Diana Goodwin (Contact Me)
Administative Assistant: - Suzanne Do (Contact Me)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Crystal Walker (Contact Me)
Cafeteria Manager - Joyce Jones (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Joseph Collins (Contact Me)

Preschool of the Arts

Kathy Gardner (Contact Me)
Jackie DeFord (Contact Me)
Kylonda Collins (Contact Me)
Cory Meade (Contact Me)
Ashley Sanders (Contact Me)
Krista Stinson (Contact Me)
Anye Washington (Contact Me)


Amanda Angle - D3 (Contact Me)
Leah Beardslee (Contact Me)
Shanisha Bond (Contact Me)
Krista Edwards (Contact Me)
Sierra Freeman (Contact Me)
Eloyda Lopez (Contact Me)
Mary Jo Mack * (Contact Me)
Sean Martin (Contact Me)
Kari May (Contact Me)
Amy Ramsey (Contact Me)
Peggy Smith (Contact Me)
Lauren Williams (Contact Me)
Adrienne Sargent - D3 (Contact Me)

Special Areas

Studio Instructor - Melissa Workman (Contact Me)
Studio Instructor - Lisa Schaust (Contact Me)
Literacy and Movement Instructor - Corey Meade (Contact Me)

School Resource Staff

Mentor - Joy Jimpson (Contact Me)
Resource - Kelly Barnes (Contact Me)
Developmental Classroom - Christine Johnson (Contact Me)
Occupational Therapist: - Pauline Rea-Turner (Contact Me)
Physical Therapist - Gayle Nagle (Contact Me)
SLPA - Mary Wells (Contact Me)
Speech Pathologist - Kathleen Wessel (Contact Me)
ENL Teacher  - Martha Constantine (Contact Me)
School Psychologist - Lynn Williams (Contact Me)