Alerts: Mar 30, 2020
UPDATE: At the direction of Governor Holcomb, MSD of Lawrence Township had cancelled onsite classes until May 1, 2020 as a result of COVID-19. Offsite eLearning will take place. There will be no preschool programming or child care available. All extra curriculuar activities will be canceled until May 1, 2020. LECC will be closed to the public. Click here to see the Coronavirus Communication announcement below for the most current information.


* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Angela Crousore (Contact Angela Crousore)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Lakeisha Branigan (Contact Lakeisha Branigan )
Administrative Assistant - Samantha Walker (Contact Samantha Walker)
Nurse - Michelle Weber (Contact Michelle Weber)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Valerie Do (Contact Valerie Do )
Cafeteria Manager - Carla Melick (Contact Carla Melick)
Head Custodian - Joyce Finch-Hunt (Contact Joyce Finch-Hunt)

Preschool of the Arts

Chyna Bodie (Contact Chyna Bodie)
Nikia Brooks (Contact Nikia Brooks)
Shannon O'Hara (Contact Shannon O'Hara)
Valerie Do (Contact Valerie Do)
Ebony Loveless (Contact Ebony Loveless)
Jada Marshall (Contact Jada Marshall)
Rachael Nesbitt (Contact Rachael Nesbitt )
Shauna Roy (Contact Shauna Roy)
Blake Riggleman (Contact Blake Riggleman)


Gabrielle Ayres (Contact Gabrielle Ayres)
Helisha Klipp (Contact Helisha Klipp)
Heather Lehan (Contact Heather Lehan)
Jen McNamara* (Contact Jen McNamara*)
Dayla Parra (Contact Dayla Parra) Accelerated Preschool
Sandy Sands (Contact Sandy Sands)
LaNesha Tabb (Contact LaNesha Tabb)
Crystal Walker (Contact Crystal Walker)
Mary Watts (Contact Mary Watts)

Special Areas

Studio Instructor  - Cynthia Haliburton (Contact Cynthia Haliburton)
Big Playroom Instructor - Hazel Bacon (Contact Hazel Bacon)

School Resource Staff

Resource Teacher - Diane Laramore (Contact Diane Laramore)
Resource Teacher - Shelli Champion (Contact Shelli Champion)
Resource Teacher - Hadley Kinnett (Contact Hadley Kinnett)
Student Support Specialist - Talisha Bradley (Contact Talisha Bradley)
Student Support Specialist - Yvonne Guynn (Contact Yvonne Guynn)
School Psychologist - Laura Wright (Contact Laura Wright)
Speech Therapist - Allyson Starks (Contact Allyson Starks )