* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Conni Davis (Contact Conni Davis)
Administrative Assistant - Cynthia Perez (Contact Cynthia Perez)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Stephanie Clarner (Contact Stephanie Clarner)
Nurse - JoAnn Stroy (Contact JoAnn Stroy)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Doug Whitcomb (Contact Doug Whitcomb)
Cafeteria Manager - Melody Smith (Contact Melody Smith)
Head Custodian - Jasmine Merriweather (Contact Jasmine Merriweather)

Preschool of the Arts

Ta'Juana Arila-Wininger (Contact Ta'Juana Arila-Wininger)
Amanda Hurst (Contact Amanda Hurst)
Tanja Harshbarger (Contact Tanja Harshbarger)
Ieta Kimbrough (Contact Ieta Kimbrough)
Ginger Watts (Contact Ginger Watts)
Olivia Malone (Contact Olivia Malone)
Verleta Winder (Contact Verleta Winder)


Tiffany Agee (Contact Tiffany Agee) Title I Lead Teacher/D3
Wanda Alamo-Diaz (Contact Wanda Alamo-Diaz)
Kathryn Barnes (Contact Kathryn Barnes)
Jillian Matthews (Contact Jillian Matthews)
Nancy Paswater (Contact Nancy Paswater)
Christen Rauch (Contact Christen Rauch)
Kristin Scibienski * (Contact Kristin Scibienski *) Title I Lead Teacher/D3
Vincent Schurger (Contact Vincent Schurger)
Jessica Stewart * (Contact Jessica Stewart *)
James Thomason (Contact James Thomason)
Bryanna Tynes (Contact Bryanna Tynes)
Amanda Weddle (Contact Amanda Weddle)
Heather Wood (Contact Heather Wood)

Special Areas

Studio Instructor - Alison Smith (Contact Alison Smith)
Big Playroom Instructor - Jacob Yarling (Contact Jacob Yarling)

School Resource Staff

Resource - Brett McMurray (Contact Brett McMurray)
Resource - Avery Moon (Contact Avery Moon)
Lifeskills Preschool Classroom - Cindy Hallberg (Contact Cindy Hallberg)
Speech Language Pathologist - Jamila Richmond (Contact Jamila Richmond)
Speech Language Pathologist - Karen Cox (Contact Karen Cox)
Mentor - Tosha Davis (Contact Tosha Davis)
Occupational Therapist: - Alicia Nelson (Contact Alicia Nelson)
Physical Therapist: - Gayle Nagle (Contact Gayle Nagle)
Gallahue Therapist - Jordan Reed (Contact Jordan Reed)
ENL Teacher - Maria Collins (Contact Maria Collins)