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Principal - Conni Davis 
Contact Conni Davis

Administrative Assistant - Ms. Cynthia Perez
Contact Cynthia Perez

Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Ms. Diana Goodwin
Contact Diana Goodwin

Nurse - Ms. JoAnn Stroy, RN
Contact JoAnn Stroy

Before & After Care Site Leader - Mr. Doug Whitcomb
Contact Doug Whitcomb

Cafeteria Manager - Ms. Melissa Gulley
Contact Melissa Gulley

Head Custodian - Ms. Jasmine Merriweather 
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Ms. Antonette Davis
Contact Antonette Davis

Ms. Tanja Harshbarger
Contact Tanja Harshbarger

Ms. Carrie Holmes
Contact Carrie Holmes

Ms. Ieta Kimbrough 
Contact Ieta Kimbrough

Ms. Monique Matlock
Contact Monique Matlock

Ms. Ginger Watts
Contact Ginger Watts


Ms. Kathryn Barnes 
Contact Kathryn Barnes

Ms. Sandra Crump
Contact Sandra Crump

Ms. Maria Teresa Esteban Monasterio
Contact Maria Teresa Esteban Monasterio

Ms. Jillian Matthews - Title I
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Ms. Nancy Paswater 
Contact Nancy Paswater

Mr. Vincent Schurger 
Contact Vincent Schurger

Ms. Jessica Stewart  
Contact Jessica Stewart

Ms. Bryanna Tynes 
Contact Bryanna Tynes

Ms. Amanda Weddle 
Contact Amanda Weddle

Ms. Heather Wood
Contact Heather Wood


Studio Instructor - Ms. Verleta Winder
Contact Verleta Winder

Big Playroom Instructor - Mr. Greg Hill
Contact Greg Hill


Resource - Ms. Peggy Smith
Contact Peggy Smith

Resource - Ms. Lori Davis-Kelly
Contact Lori Davis-Kelly

Lifeskills Classroom - Ms. Cindy Hallberg
Contact Cindy Hallberg

Speech & Language Pathologist - Ms. Casey Blair
Contact Casey Blair

Speech & Language Pathologist - Ms. Jamila Richmond 
Contact Jamila Richmond

Occupational Therapist: - Ms. Alicia Nelson 
Contact Alicia Nelson

Physical Therapist: - Ms. Gayle Nagle 
Contact Gayle Nagle

Gallahue Therapist - Ms. Jordan Reed 
Contact Jordan Reed

ENL Teacher - Ms. Maria Collins 
Contact Maria Collins