Early Learning Family Association

What is ELFA?

MSD Lawrence Township supports young children by providing 4 Early Learning Centers located on the campuses of 4 elementary schools.  The Early Learning Centers operate as one school with four sites, and are not directly connected to the elementary schools.   Unique to Lawrence is our structure of housing preschool and kindergarten grade levels for the entire district at these 4 centers.  The kindergarten students then attend the elementary schools for first through sixth grade.  The staff of the Early Learning Centers specialize in the education of young children and therefore have designed the structure of the family organization to be one of information and advocacy in the area of early childhood.  Our family association does not operate as a typical PFO/PTA; We come together for informational meetings on how to support and advocate for the needs of young learners. 

Where is ELFA located?

Each ELC will offer opportunities for families to come together a few times a year for information and advocacy.  The ELCs have one ELFA Advisory Board that consists of 1-2 families from each ELC, and the principals of the ELCs.  This group manages the structure of ELFA with equal participation from each of the 4 ELCs.

Why is ELFA needed?

Research has shown that when families are involved in their child’s education, the child is more successful in school.  Family associations help to foster closer relationships between home and school, building a positive sense of community.

What can I do to join ELFA?

All families are already considered a member of ELFA!  You are welcome to attend any events at the Early Learning Centers, including specific events focused on information and advocacy for young learners.  If you would like to be a member of the advisory board, please contact the principal of your ELC.